For pool tables, there are basically four sizes. Our clients most often buy whatever size best suits their needs and space. 9 foot is the standard size for professional tournament play. 8 foot and Oversized 8 foot tables are common in homes with smaller rooms. 7 foot tables are sometimes coin-operated and found in bars. Almost all of our new pool tables are available in every size. Pool table sizes are referred to as "7 foot," "8 foot," or "9 foot" out of convenience. However, pool tables are actually measured by their interior playfield dimensions. Outside rail dimensions vary, but playfield sizes do not. So in reality, the names refer to the interior playfield dimensions:
4.5 X 9 foot = 50 inches by 100 inches
Oversized 8 foot = 46 inches by 92 inches
4 by 8 foot = 44 inches by 88 inches
3.5 by 7 foot = 39 inches by 78 inches

For information regarding snooker and carom billiard tables please call or come in and we will be pleased to assist you.


To accommodate the standard 57 inch cue length, we recommend a 5 foot clearance around the playfield of the table. However, this is negotiable with smaller cues and open walls. See above for playfield dimensions. If it appears that you do not have enough room for a pool table, do not be discouraged. We urge you to contact us so that we may provide you with more specific information and consultation. We have extensive experience in helping clients plan the space for their game room. We have layout mats at all three of our locations for you to take home and roll onto the floor to see how much room a pool table will occupy. Our clients have found these extremely helpful in determining the best size pool table for their space. We also have complementary room charts available at our stores for your reference. Please call or come in to one of our locations today for more details on how a pool table can make the most of your game room.


In billiards, just as in anything, you get what you pay for. We carry only pool tables that incorporate slate beds in their construction. The durability of slate is crucial to good play and long life. We invite you to come in to one of our locations soon and ask an associate what makes a great pool table. Since we service everything we sell, it is important to us that we provide you with high quality and excellent value in all our merchandise.

Prices for new pool tables start at $1895 and have a broad range of prices upward. Price range on new tables tends to be determined by materials and ornamentation. From simple to ornate, the multitude of options available on new pool tables also offers a wide variety within every price category. In addition to new tables, we also have a rotating assortment of used pool tables in stock. We give each used table we receive a thorough inspection and replace worn or damaged parts such as cushions and pockets. We invite you to come in to one of our locations soon and ask and associate what makes a great pool table. We will be happy to show you.


Yes we do. Pool tables are not ordinary pieces of furniture and require special care in moving situations. Our crews are well-trained, highly-experienced professionals with many years of experience servicing pool tables. We do not recommend doing it yourself. In fact, even moving companies often contact us to take care of the disassembly and re-assembly of pool tables for their clients. In addition to moving pool tables, we also schedule appointments for services such as: new cloth, pocket replacement, leveling, rubber cushion replacement, and disassembly for new flooring. These are just a few examples. Whatever your need, contact us soon and find out all the services we offer for your pool table.

What colors of billiard cloth do we offer?

A common misnomer is to call billiard cloth felt. Although similar in texture to felt, billiard cloth is a tightly woven, high-quality wool-nylon blend that is much more resilient and durable than felt. We are proud to feature Forstmann billiard cloth and Simonis worsted billiard cloth. Forstmann is available in 30 colors to suit every recreational player. We also carry Simonis 760 and Simonis 860 billiard cloth, which is used exclusively in professional tournaments and popular in finer pool rooms. Simonis is a high-grade worsted wool-nylon blend and is available in 11 colors. Come in to one of our locations to see the variety of colors and take home a swatch to see how it matches your decor.


Cues are commonly available in weights ranging from 18 to 21 ounces. What is best depends on the player and varies between individuals. In recommending a cue weight, we ultimately rely on your preferences as a player. Not sure? Hit a ball with one! We encourage you to come in to one of our locations and feel for yourself. We often assist our clients by ordering cues with specific weights, or changing the weight of cues we have in stock to suit their needs. You are welcome to try out any of our variety of cues to determine what suits you best.