Antique Tbles Racks and Accessories

#1 St. Bernard Mission (1)

St. Bernard Mission

10' Table. Excellent condition. Fully restoration recently done on table.

#2 Antique Memorabilia (1)

Antique Memorabilia

This ball and cue racked, is priceless! Preserved billiards antiques.

#3 Mission Cue Rack (1)

Mission Cue Rack

Custom antique rack excellent condition

#4 Cue Rack Cabinet (1)

Cue Rack Cabinet

Custom built antique cue cabinet. This is a must see billiards antique.

#5 Cue Rack (1)

Cue Rack

Antique mirrored cue rack is American made quality craftsmanship, and in excellent condition

#6 8'Centennial (1)

8' Centennial

This  8' centennial is a mid century modern pool table excellent condition high quality antique.

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#7 9' Wilmington

9' Wilmington

9' Willmington antique table is fully restored mint condition and a must see antique.

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#8 8' Southern

8' Southern

8' Sothern table. excellent condition antique billiards table.

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#9 9' Poplar

9' Poplar

This 9' Poplar table is an excellent condition table. It has inlays and beautiful woodwork make this antique billiards table one of a kind

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#10 8' Custom Inlay

8' Custom Inlay

10'8' Fully custom inlay table has been fully restaored and is in mint condition. This is a one of a kind preserved antique pool table.

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#11 9' Manhattan

9' Manhattan

9' Full retoration antique Manhattan Billiards table. Pictures do not do justice.

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#12-2 9' Consignment

8' Baby Grand

10 This 8' Baby Grand with drawer and convertible rails is one of a kind!  Full retoration and truly showcasing American craftsmanship.

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